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Advisory Committees

Statutory Committees

To learn more about the role of each committee, its membership, and/or to access agendas and minutes, click the link on committee's name below.

Committee Terms Of ReferenceAppointment By-Law
Appeals Committee 2015-062-RE 2015-063-AP

Committee of Adjustment

2017-021-RE 2017-020-AP

Joint Compliance Audit Committee

2014-079-AP 2014-079-AP
Whitchurch-Stouffville Public Library 2015-011-AP 2015-148-AP

 Advisory Committees 

Committee Terms Of ReferenceAppointment By-Law
19 on the Park Advisory Committee 2016-014-RE  2015-094-AP
Ballantrae Community Centre 2015-119-RE 2015-120-AP
Cemetery Reference Group 2011-049-RE 2011-050-AP
Downtown Stouffville Working Group 2015-117-RE 2015-118-AP
Downtown Stouffville Farmers' Market  2011-051-RE 2011-052-AP
Heritage Advisory Committee 2015-021-RE 2015-051-AP 
Lemonville Community Centre  2016-016-RE 2016-082-AP
Main Street Reconstruction Steering Committee Council Resolution
March 22, 2016
Council Resolution
May 17, 2016
North Shore Roads (Disbanded as of Dec 31, 2014) 2011-156-RE  2011-157-AP 
Special Events Advisory Committee 2016-017-RE 2015-116-AP 
Street and Watercourse Naming 2016-018-RE 2015-050-AP 
Whitchurch-Stouffville Accessibility Advisory Committee  2016-015-RE 2015-049-AP
Whitchurch-Stouffville Environmental Stewardship Committee 2017-018-RE  2017-051-AP
Whitchurch-Stouffville Museum Advisory Committee 2015-022-RE 2017-035-AP

Livestock Valuators




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