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Council Chambers

You are encouraged to seek answers to your questions through Town staff, prior to a meeting. Information brought to staff's attention prior to the meeting will help Council make their decisions.

Delegations are individuals or groups who have registered to speak to Council on a particular matter not included in a meeting agenda. The delegation spokesperson may speak for no more than 8 minutes or a total of 10 minutes for groups of five or more.





Delegations do not address:

  • Items addressed in Town staff reports
  • Reconsideration of Council decisions (6 months from time of Council decision must lapse before reconsideration)
  • Proclamations; or
  • Matters before a Town tribunal

Complete the delegation registration form and submit it by 12 p.m. (noon) on the Monday seven business days before the Council Meeting date, along with any presentation materials.

Presentation Materials

  • Handouts and electronic presentations are to be submitted to the Council Coordinator by 12 p.m. (noon) on the Monday eight (8) days before the Council Meeting date, to ensure your presentation is included in the agenda package.
  • Fifteen (15) copies of the materials for distribution at the meeting, if applicable.
  • Electronic presentations should be compatible with Microsoft Office 2007 or newer.
  • Minimum of 24 font size to ensure that it is visible from a distance.

Audio-visual Equipment

LCD screens and a computer are available for your use as a Delegation. Please outline requirements on your delegation registration request form.

What does Council do with my feedback?

Council will most likely refer the matter to staff and request that a report be brought forward at a future meeting. You will receive a letter notifying you of Council's decision regarding your delegation.

How do I access Council agendas?

The next Council meeting agenda will be available to the public at the Municipal Offices and on our website by noon on the Thursday prior to the meeting.


When asked to speak please move from your seat to the podium or microphone and always address your comments to the Mayor.

Attendees at Council Meetings shall not:

  • Display signs or placards;
  • Heckle or use offensive words;
  • Speak disrespectfully of any person;
  • Talk on cell phones; or
  • Engage in conversations that are disruptive