'Home Safe Home' Offers Free Home Fire Safety Assessments

Firefighter Community Outreach Program coming this Summer

Stouffville Fire & Emergency Services is pleased to announce the return of the ‘Home Safe Home’ initiative which aims to enhance home fire safety within the community. This program includes free home fire safety assessments for residents year-round to ensure that every home in the community is equipped with working smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, and have a well-planned home escape route.

To promote the program, Stouffville firefighters will be conducting a community outreach program this summer, knocking on doors to distribute more information on the program and offering home fire safety assessments on the spot. 

"Our goal with the 'Home Safe Home' initiative is to ensure that every household in Stouffville is equipped with the necessary tools and knowledge to protect themselves in the event of a fire emergency," said Stouffville’s Fire Chief, Bill Snowball. "By offering free assessments and engaging with our community directly, we hope to make a meaningful impact on home fire safety."

Stouffville Fire & Emergency Services encourages all residents to take advantage of this valuable opportunity to enhance their home's fire safety. Together, we can make Stouffville a safer place to call home.

To schedule your free home fire safety assessment, please contact Stouffville Fire & Emergency Services at (905) 640-9595 or fire.prevention@townofws.ca.

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