Building Permits

The Town of Stouffville issues building permits to ensure that new development projects meet our zoning requirements and other building standards.

Whether you are a homeowner, housing developer or an industrial, commercial or institutional developer, find the permit requirements for your building, renovating or development project.

If you need help finding out which type of building permit you need, please contact us at 905-640-1900 ext. 2266 or ext. 2272

Don't need a permit:

The following types of minor construction work don’t require a permit in Stouffville but may still require other building approvals. Your project must still adhere to the Ontario Building Code, even if it doesn’t require a permit.

  • Adding insulation
  • Air conditioners or heat pumps added to an existing furnace system
  • Antennas and satellite equipment
  • Fences (not including pool fences)
  • Furnace replacements with the same or better heat output as the original furnace
  • Re-roofing with lightweight material that does not exceed the structural capacity of the framing
  • Re-cladding with any lightweight material that improves the existing wall performance. The wall must be less than three stories tall, on a detached building and no closer than 600 mm to any property line
  • Kitchen cabinetry replacement, as long as any plumbing is not relocated or replaced
  • New or replacement eave-troughs, fascias, downspouts and soffits
  • Plumbing fixture (sinks, toilets, taps, etc.) replacements that are not relocated
  • Repairs to leaking foundations
  • Retaining walls less than 1 m in height and where drainage is not negatively impacted
  • A Shed is exempt from the requirement to obtain a permit, provided that the shed:
    • Is not more than 15 m2 in gross area,
    • Is not more than one storey in building height
    • Is not attached to a building or any structure,
    • Is used only for storage purposes ancillary to a principal building on the lot, and,
    • Does not have plumbing.
  • Solar collectors mounted on a building less than five square metres in aggregate area
  • Solar collectors not mounted on a building
  • Window and door replacement as long as the size is not increased
  • Wood decks with a surface that is equal to or less than 600 mm above ground

Resources for homeowners

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