Second Suite Permits

You need a permit to add a second suite within an existing house in the Town of Stouffville. Once you have an approved permit, you need to register your secondary suite with the Town.

Apply for a permit

To apply for a permit to add a secondary suite, please submit the following forms and plans to the Building Services counter located in our Municipal Offices at 111 Sandiford Dr.


You need to include the following plans in your application package:

  • A site plan identifying the location of the existing building and parking spaces
  • Floor plans of every floor level (specify rooms) and proposed uses of all spaces, including the location of smoke and carbon monoxide alarms and all plumbing fixtures
  • Cross sections to show the existing and proposed building construction and specifications of all floors, wall, and roof assemblies
  • Structural details for any proposed structural work
  • Mechanical (HVAC) plans if altered by work
  • Building elevations with limiting distance calculations if new openings are proposed

Permit cost

$1000 CDN
  • plus any plumbing and additions

We accept cash, cheque or debit for fee payments.

Building and Planning Counter
111 Sandiford Drive, Stouffville ON
(905) 640-1900

Register your secondary suite

After getting approval to build a secondary suite, you need to register it with the Town. Complete a Secondary Suite Registration Application.

More information and resources

View the following resources to learn more about the building permit process for a secondary suite.

View the Second Suites Building Code Guide to learn about the technical requirements of the Ontario Building Code to create a legal basement

Accessible formats available upon request. Contact 905-640-1900 or for assistance.
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