Development Charges & Costs

Development charges are collected to cover the cost of infrastructure (roads, sewers, water, fire stations, police stations, transit, recreation centres, schools, libraries etc.). The Town collects these development charges on behalf of York Region, the Public & Catholic School Boards, and Stouffville.

Development Charges are usually collected at the time of building permit issuance. Most residential subdivision developers prepay a large portion of their charges under an agreement prior to starting any construction. The balance is paid at the time of Building Permit issuance.

Development charges guide

The Town has created a simple Development Charges Guide to help you calculate the total cost of DC's. Property buyers should check with your seller if a portion of the DCs have been prepaid under a municipal agreement.

Exemptions and credits

Replacement of an existing house with a new home within 4 years after obtaining a demolition permit, will not require payment of development charges. If you have an existing legally-built building of any type you may be eligible for credits that can be applied directly to your new building's DCs.

Agricultural buildings and residential garages/sheds are exempt from paying DCs.

Section 26.1 of the Development Charges Act allows the deferral of payment of development charges related to building permits for a defined list of developments, as follows:

  • Rental housing development that is not non-profit housing development referred to in paragraph 3 of the DC Act.
  • Institutional development.
  • Non-profit housing development.

Town fees by-law

The Town fees by-law is a consolidated by-law which includes fees related to construction and all other Town services. Except as exempted elsewhere in the by-law, all fees and charges are due at the time of application.  Information related to building permits start on Schedule 'E'. This bylaw excludes costs related to Town/Property Owner agreements, development charges and cash-in-lieu of parkland/parking.

Historic development charges guides

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