Fast Track Program

Stouffville's Fast Track program is an expedited building permit review for eligible projects. The program runs between April 12 and June 28, and is geared towards small residential projects noted below.

Eligible projects

Eligible Projects Include:
Decks & Porches
Small Accessory Structures (gazebos and storage sheds)
Basement Entrances (not serving a second suite)
Pool Enclosure Permits

Eligible project guide

Projects that will be eligible for the Residential Fast Track program will be pre-screened to ensure that the project is not subject to applicable laws (as defined in the Ontario Building Code) or that the appropriate approvals have been issued prior to submitting a building permit application.

  • TRCA and LSRCA prior approval required, full approval required at the time of application
  • No projects designated, listed, on the Built Heritage Inventory list
  • COFA final and binding for projects with a minor variance application

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