Fast Track Program

Stouffville's Fast Track program is an expedited building permit review for eligible projects. The program runs between May 1 and June 30, and is geared towards small residential projects noted below.

Eligible projects

Eligible Projects Include:
Decks & Porches
Small Accessory Structures (gazebos and storage sheds)
Basement Entrances (not serving a second suite)
Pool Enclosure Permits

Eligible project guide

Projects that will be eligible for the Residential Fast Track program will be pre-screened to ensure that the project is not subject to applicable laws (as defined in the Ontario Building Code) or that the appropriate approvals have been issued prior to submitting a building permit application.

  • TRCA and LSRCA prior approval required, full approval required at the time of application
  • No projects designated, listed, on the Built Heritage Inventory list
  • COFA final and binding for projects with a minor variance application

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