Public Works

The Public Works Department is responsible for the operation, maintenance and repair of the municipal right-of-way infrastructure which includes roads, sidewalks, streetlights, traffic signals, signage and pavement markings, boulevard trees, water distribution systems, wastewater collection systems, storm water management facilities, and drainage facilities.

Mission Statement:

"Managing Public Works infrastructure and providing high quality services that inspire pride, deliver a safe and sustainable environment, and foster a vibrant community."

Jack Graziosi

Director, Public Works
905-640-1900 or 1-855-642-8697 ext. 2464
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Stephanie Pay

Administrative Assistant 
905-640-1900 or 1-855-642-8697 ext. 2247
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Operations includes: Road Construction and Maintenance; Winter Maintenance; Traffic Control; Waste Management; Sidewalks; Streetlights; Water & Sewer; Water Quality; Environmental Assessments; Crossing Guards; Municipal Consents; and Call before you dig.

It is also responsible for class environmental studies to support new or existing infrastructure (growth and non-growth) and design, construction, administration and commissioning of existing or new infrastructure (outside of development lands) inclusive of repair, replacement and rehabilitation projects (growth and non-growth).

The Operations Centre is located at 5061 Bethesda Road.

Peter Wyllie

Manager, Transportation & Fleet Services
905-640-1900 or 1-855-642-8697 ext. 4245
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Capital Projects

The Capital Projects Division is responsible for delivery of the Town's Capital Works Program in the areas of new parks, roads, water distribution and sewers, including the co-ordination of Master Servicing Plans, Class Environmental Assessments, engineering design, project tendering, contract administration and cost control.

Barry Laverick

Manager, Capital Projects
905-640-1900 or 1-855-642-8697 ext. 4289
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