Expenses of elected officials

The Town of Stouffville is committed to exercising fair, transparent and responsible financial practices with respect to the finances and expenditures that support elected officials in fulfilling their statutory duties.

Constituency budget

A Constituency Budget for Public Relations is intended to provide Members of Council with the resources to:

  • Administer their offices at Town Hall and in their wards to support their role;
  • To conduct meetings and communicate with their constituents and other stakeholders;
  • Support and promote activities or community groups within their ward and in the community at large; and
  • Represent the Town at functions, events or conferences.


Members are the stewards of Town resources and are ultimately accountable to the public and their constituents for the type and level of expenses they incur. Since Members use public funds when they perform their duties, the public expects public funds to be used solely for fulfillment of their public duties. Members’ expenses should be reasonable, reflect what the public expects of an elected official, and be kept separate from personal expenses. 


The public has a right to know how public funds allocated to Members are spent. Expense information must be balanced against the need to protect privacy and personal information, and allow time for proper accounting and reconciliation of expenses.


Reports on Members' expenses are made available by the town quarterly. 

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