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Free home fire safety assessments

Are you aware that Stouffville Fire & Emergency Services offers complimentary home fire safety assessments? Secure your home's safety by scheduling an appointment today. Our assessments ensure the effectiveness of your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms and help you establish a reliable home escape plan.

Community outreach

This summer, our dedicated firefighters will be actively engaging with the Stouffville community, directly at your doorstep! We're distributing informative cards, sharing vital home fire safety tips, and offering on-the-spot free assessments to enhance your home's safety.

What to expect during an assessment

Our firefighters will not only assess but also educate you on crucial safety measures, including the necessity of a home escape plan and verifying the functionality and expiration dates of your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms.

Understanding alarm requirements

Smoke Alarm Guidance

  • Battery Replacement: Annually, or upon hearing the low battery alert.
  • Monthly Testing: Ensure functionality.
  • Lifespan: Replace every 10 years, observing the "replace by" date.
  • Placement: Install outside sleeping areas and on every level. For homes built post-2014, alarms are also required inside every bedroom.
  • Hardwired Alarms: Must be replaced with equivalent hardwired models.

Carbon Monoxide Alarm Essentials

  • Necessity: Mandatory for homes with fuel-burning appliances or attached garages.
  • Placement: Install near sleeping areas.
  • Battery Replacement and Testing: Annually check and monthly test for operational assurance.
  • Lifespan: Replace every 5-7 years, according to the expiration date.

Home escape planning

Design and rehearse your escape plan with all household members.

Ensure two exit strategies for each room.

Meeting Point:
Select a safe external gathering spot.

Never re-enter a burning building. Call 911 and await the fire department outside.

Schedule your assessment

Ready for a visit from the Stouffville Firefighters? Contact us at (905) 640-9595 or email to arrange your free home fire safety assessment.

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