Changing Your Address or Ownership

When you move or change ownership of a property, you need to change your address to make sure you get the right property tax bill. You must be the registered owner of a property in the Town of Stouffville to request an address change.

Changing your address

When you sell and move to a new property in Stouffville, make sure that you or your financial institution updates your eight-digit property roll number. Property roll numbers are assigned to properties and not the homeowner.

If you don’t update your roll number, the property tax payment will be applied to your former property. To correct this, an administration fee, in accordance with our Fees and Charges By-law, may be charged to the new property roll number.

When you buy a home, please check with your lawyer or the tax office to confirm when the next payment is due on your property taxes. Penalty or interest charges will apply on late payments regardless of any change in ownership. If you receive a tax bill for a property you no longer own, please contact us by phone at 905-640-1910 ext. 2240 or 2462, or by email at and return the tax bill to our municipal offices at 111 Sandiford Dr.

Changing ownership of a property

To make ownership changes on your property tax account, we need a copy of the transfer deed. Please submit a copy of the transfer deed using our online ownership change form. An administration fee, as outlined in the Fees & Charges By-law, is applied to all tax accounts when property ownership is changed.

Once we receive the transfer deed, we will make the necessary ownership changes. We will send the purchaser a Change of Ownership Information Letter along with a Notice of Title Change Surcharge invoice. The Change of Ownership Information Letter shows the current balance, date and amount owing of any future installments that have been billed, but not yet due. 

Newly constructed homes and supplementary taxes

If you are building a home on a vacant lot, you will receive a tax bill for the value of the vacant lot until your home is built and assessed by the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC). Once they have completed an assessment, you will receive a supplementary tax bill for the value of the house alone. This process can take two to three years and the tax bill will be retroactive to the date of occupancy.

If you have made property tax payments to the builder upon closing, please provide a copy of your supplementary tax notice(s) to your lawyer for verification or to make any necessary property tax adjustments.

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