Ratepayer Associations

A Ratepayer Association is an organization formed by a group of residents to address issues affecting their neighbourhood, such as land developments, road issues and safety concerns. Learn how to register your Ratepayer Association with the Town of Stouffville and view all the Ratepayer Associations in town.

Register a New Ratepayer Association

If you would like to register a new ratepayer association in your area, you need to submit a Ratepayer Association Registration form, along with the required materials to clerks@townofws.ca.

Registry of Ratepayer Associations

Contact W.D. Nicoll, President, by email at admin@svrp.ca or visit svrp.ca

North - Millard Ave, Hemlock Drive
East - 10th Line
West - 9th Line
South - 19th Avenue

Contact Hugh Wallis, Secretary, by email info@wera.ws. Website is currently unavailable. 

Streets of Cam Fella Blvd.
Aintree Drive
Asbury Park Court

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