Water Meters

The Town of Stouffville installs water meters to measure water consumption. Learn how to apply for a water meter on a new build and find out how to read your water meter and monitor your water consumption.

Water meter application

If you are a builder or property owner and have a newly constructed property that will have access to Town water, you must submit a Water Meter Installation Request. We will schedule the water installation before you move into your new building.

If you would like to include more than one property on your request, please complete the Additional Property Listing – Water Meter Request.

View the Builder’s Information Package for more information about water meter applications.

Request timeline

Please make sure to provide enough advance notice for water meter applications:

  • Water meters of 1.0” diameter and smaller may require up to 30 days for installation following receipt of the water meter installation request form
  • Water meters of 1.5” diameter and larger may require up to 90 days for installation following receipt of the water meter installation request form

Reading your water meter

Water meters are read prior to each billing to record the water that has passed through your water meter during that consumption period. All water use, including water consumed by leaks, is your responsibility and will be charged to your water account.

Please ensure there is nothing blocking the remote reader located outside your home. If we are not able to get a current reading of your water meter, a notice will be left on your door requesting that you provide the Town with a water meter reading. If you are unable to provide a reading, you’ll need to book an appointment.

Measuring water usage

The domestic residential water meters used by the Town contain a nutating disc to measure the volume of water used. A disc is attached at an angle to a ball within the body of the water meter. When water passes through the meter, the disc wobbles (or “nutates”) which causes the disc and the ball to rotate. A needle is mounted to the ball, which is driven by the nutating motion of the disc. A full rotation of the needle measures a fixed volume of water. In turn, the needle drives a shaft, which registers water usage.

Active usage is displayed by the spinning of a small red needle (low flow) and by a rotating dial gauge (normal or high flow). If your needle or dial gauge is spinning, this can only be caused by water passing through your meter. If your small red needle is spinning and all of your taps are turned off – you have a leak! Learn more about water leaks and how to diagnose and stop a water leak.

Water meter testing

To request a water meter test, complete an online form. Water meter testing consists of comparing a known volume of water to what the water meter registers as a percentage accuracy. Contact us to learn more about testing. 

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