Garbage Bag Limit and Tags

In the Town of Stouffville, we will pick up a maximum of three garbage bags or containers on garbage collection days. If you have more than three bags or containers, you need to buy a garbage sticker. There is a limit of six (6) bags per collection.

Use black or green bags only, not clear. The maximum weight per bag is 50 pounds. 

If using a container, the maximum size is 125 litres, and 50 pounds. All material in the container must be contained in bags and not be overflowing. 


Garbage bag tags cost $3.00 (tax included) per bag or container and allow you to put out more than three garbage bags or containers to a maximum of six (6) bags per collection.

Where to buy garbage bag tags

You can buy garbage bag tags at the following locations:

  • The Customer Service Centre in Town Hall, located at 111 Sandiford Dr. You can only buy garbage bag tags in multiples of five here
  • Petro-Canada Station (Wesley Corners), located at 15288 Woodbine Ave. (Single tags and cash only)
  • Well-Plus Pharmacy, located at 5402 Main St. (Single tags and cash only)

How to use garbage stickers

Please attach garbage stickers either around the neck of a bag or on the garbage within a container in a clearly visible place. Stickers should be easy to see once the lid is removed from the bin.

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