Compostable Bags and Green Bins

The Town of Stouffville provides weekly curbside pickup for compost and green bin materials. Organic materials that we accept include:

  • Food and food scraps
  • Houseplants and flowers in small quantities
  • Personal care items such as diapers, nail clippings, hair, sanitary products, etc.
  • Pet products such as pet waste, kitty litter, fur, feathers, etc.
  • Soiled or shredded paper (non-waxed paper)

To replace broken blue and green bins, please contact GFL Environmental at 1-866-421-5625 or Please note that broken bins must be present at time of delivery for free replacement.

To receive a new resident package, please contact GFL Environmental at 1-866-421-5625 or within one month of moving in.

Buy extra green bins

If you have too much organic material for your green bin, you can buy additional bins online by completing a Blue and Green Bin Purchase Form.  Only Town issued green bins will be accepted for collection. A large outdoor green bin costs $37 plus HST, while a smaller indoor container costs $8 plus HST.

Using your green bin

Please follow these guidelines when using a green bin:

  • Close and lock your green bin lid when you set it out for collection
  • Don’t put out your small indoor container at the curb for collection
  • Don’t put yard waste in your green bin
  • Make sure your green bin isn’t overflowing and doesn’t weight more than 50 lbs
  • Make sure that all organic waste is securely tied in a compostable bag
  • Only use Town-issued green bins
  • Remove all bungee cords before setting green bins out for collection

Compostable bags

All green bin waste must be contained in compostable bags that are securely closed in the green bin. Certified compostable bags will have a compostable logo on the packaging. Paper bags are also compostable.


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